Monday, February 2, 2009

Redesigning the blog

I'm in the process of redesigning and making it easier to see a particular style that you might be interested in. Click on the links on the side bar to take you to the various styles. Check back often. Please email me if you see something you like :)

Thanks for stopping by...

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Fabric Choices

I got some fun new fabric today. So if you like one of these fabric choices then let me know which one and which style bag you like and I'll whip it up for you. I'm very excited!


Here are the bags that I currently have available. If you are interested in any of them or would like additional information about one of my bags, please email me and I would be happy to give you whatever info you might want. The shipping on these is typically $6.00 which covers the handling fee as well. I will do special orders if you want a specific style and/or color combination. Thanks for stopping by! (Note: the price is listed below the picture)


These both have a 5" base and are 8" tall. The measurement at the top is about 13" and at the bottom is 9". They have fun pockets on the inside.


The following are still available.

This one is very fun. It has pleated panels on the front and back. Magnetic closure, inside pockets. Base measures 3" x 11" and is 9 1/2" tall.


This one is a huge tote. (A large version of the previous one). Has the pleated panels in the front and back, inside pockets, snap closure. Measures 4" x 15" at the base and is 14" tall. This is definitely one of my favorites!


These next 2 measure 3" x 13" at the base and are 9 1/2" tall. They have lots of interior pockets, fun button closures, gathered pockets on the outside - perfect for a cell phone or keys.



New style (below)


These 2 have a base of 5" x 11" and are 9" tall (plus the handle). The blue one is cotton fabric - the flowered one is corduroy - very fun. They both have a velcro closure. Pockets on the inside of the corduroy.


This is a very fun pattern. Pleats sewn in at the top. It has a really fun shape to it. At the widest point it is 15". The base is 4 1/2" x 10" and is 11" tall (not including the handles). It is 12" at the top.


I have 2 of these reversible totes left. One side is Fall colors/print and the reverse is Christmas print.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Ready for Christmas

Ready and waiting for a home...

Fun little Christmas fabric bag - $30.00
Brown and Teal - the rage in colors right now. $45.00

If you like blues and pinks this is for you - $45.00

Pink and black - It's a must have - $45.00

This one is so cute! Red and Black -$35.00

If you need a large tote bag this is it! Really roomy - great colors, fun style - $50.00

A smaller version of the one above. This is more of a purse size - brown and blues $45.00

This is the larger version of the ones above. Would make a good Sunday bag:) $50.00

Not many can resist brown and pink! Cell phone and key pockets on the outside - or sippy cups will fit nicely :) $45.00

If you are interested in any of the above let me know and I will give you the size specifications. It's not too early to Christmas shop :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sorry but this one is sold

The newest design.
This bag has a base of 10" x 7" and is 13" tall. The top width is about 15".
It has a cute flap and great button that keeps the bag closed. Outside pocket. Really roomy inside.
Great colors.

Trick or Treat Bag

This is the cutest Trick-or-treat bag! It measures 16x16x3. It will hold lots of treats:)

Fall and Christmas Tote

This reversible bag is perfect for Fall and Christmas. One side for each season :)

It measures 15" tall, 17" wide, with a base of 13" x 5". 4 large pockets - 2 on the inside - 2 on the outside. Perfect for the holidays!